How to Make a Potato Block Print

How to make a block print with a potato


I recently decided to experiment with potato printing to make some fall themed notecards for Thanksgiving.

Potato printing is a great affordable craft, and you can do so many things with it! You can print on notecards like I did, or make your own fabric, tote bags, journals, wrapping paper, or anything else you can think of. It’s also a great way for kids to create meaningful gifts for the holidays.

So, read on for instructions on how to make your very own potato print!


1 potato
sharp kitchen knife
x-acto knife
paint (I used Speedball Block Printing Ink)
paintbrush or paint roller
paper (I used Strathmore Printmaking Paper) or other surface to be printed on

Step 1: Cut Your Potato in Half

Use a sharp kitchen knife to cut your potato in half. The potato must be cut in one motion to ensure that the carving surface is smooth. Raw potatoes are hard, so it’s best if an adult does this part.

Cut your potato in half
Cut your potato in half


Step 2: Carve Your Potato Stamp

Use your x-acto knife to carve your design onto the surface of the potato. Simple designs work best, since it is difficult to achieve detail.

Carve your potato
Carve your potato


Step 3: Apply Paint to Your Potato Stamp

Use your paintbrush or paint roller to apply ink to your stamp. If you decide to print on fabric, you will need to use fabric block printing ink.

Ink your potato with a roller
Ink your potato with a roller


Step 4: Apply Your Stamp to Desired Surface

Apply even pressure to ensure that the ink is transferred.

Potato printed notecards
Potato printed notecards


Step 5: Voila!

Step back and admire your handiwork. Happy potato printing!

Published by Alex Hughes

I am a graphic designer from Dallas who loves printmaking, travel, illustration, soccer, and psychology.

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