How to Build Craft Fair Displays for a Printmaking Shop

Mood Board for a Craft Fair Display

One of my goals last year was to solidify my brand, and a big way I did that was to redesign my booth setup to look more cohesive. If you’re curious to know what I use for my booth setup, read on!

As with all things related to my visual brand, I used my brand mood board as a starting point to design my booth. As you can see, I use lots of bright colors and patterns on a backdrop of warm woods and linear black shapes (frames, furniture legs, typeface, etc.) with plenty of white space to keep the look from feeling too busy.

Branding Mood Board for small business
Wandering Paper Co. Branding Mood Board

I chose similar light warm woods for my booth walls and card stands. I use this wooden greeting card stand from ClearDisplays for my cards, and I commissioned my friend Taylor at Massey Custom Designs to build my booth walls out of pegboard. I chose the natural-colored pegboard for two reasons. One—it goes well with the natural wood materials, and two—the brown color provides good contrast for the prints displayed in front of it.

ClearDisplays Plywood Greeting Card Rack
Image from ClearDisplays

I chose white picture ledges to display the prints to add some white space back in and keep the look from feeling too dark and heavy. Taylor retro-fitted these 24” picture ledges from Target with screws so I can move them around and change the display around as necessary.

Philip building the pegboard walls
Philip assembling the pegboard walls

The pegboards and white ledges are an eye-catching display that draws people into the booth from far away and allows me to display a large variety of different designs. I’m pretty happy with how they turned out!

Pegboard Display for a Craft Show
How to Make a Pegboard Display for a Craft Show

For my table displays, I use these 6 foot tables from Target with white tablecloths. The tables fold in half, which makes them convenient to transport. Taylor also built me a large display stand for my prints similar to the one I use for my cards.

Finally, I finish off the look with an outdoor rug to add a pop of color and help define the space! Mine is an outdoor rug from World Market, which is actually left over from my wedding! World Market usually has a good selection of outdoor rugs, which are an affordable way to add a little color to your booth without breaking the bank!

The outdoor rug from our wedding
The outdoor rug from our wedding

Taylor did an awesome job as always with the construction of the various pieces and helping me think through their functionality. If you’re in need of some woodworking or construction work, contact him here! Also, I have to thank the Etsy Dallas team for holding a booth critique last year, because that’s when I decided mine needed a refresh. (Also, a special thanks to Alexis of Whipped Up Wonderful for suggesting light-colored wood—it is the perfect neutral backdrop!)

Here’s the finished booth! What do you all think? The pieces are much easier to take apart for transportation, and the visual cohesion helps strengthen my brand.

My Craft Fair Booth at Etsy Dallas Spring Bash
My Craft Fair Booth at Etsy Dallas Spring Bash

Would you all be interested in a blog post on branding your creative shop? I’ve been thinking about writing one, so if you’re interested let me know in the comments!





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