What To Do in Taos, New Mexico

Hiking the Rio Grande Gorge

We traveled to Taos, New Mexico last year over Spring Break to celebrate our second anniversary. Neither of us are skiers, but we found plenty of other things to do. Read on for my recommendations!

Where to Stay

We stayed in the Adobe de Artista in El Prado, New Mexico. It is located a little farther out of town in El Prado and had breathtaking views of the mountains.

The inside of our little adobe house
Standing just outside the house… we had a beautiful view of the mountains
We saw deer and lots of bluebirds while we were there

Where to Eat

Our first food stop was a French/Latin restaurant called Gutiz. I had the Taoseño bowl (pictured below) and it was sooo good and filling, especially on a windy, chilly day!

The Taoseño breakfast at Gutiz

The Love Apple (above) came highly recommended to us for dinner, but definitely make a reservation, because when we got there, it was full! So we snapped a quick pic and left 🙂

We ended up eating at Quechua Peruvian Restaurant instead and it was very good as well! The owners were very nice.

Where to Hike

Hiking at Rio Grande Gorge near Taos

Rio Grande Gorge is an easy hike with amazing views! We found the trailhead using the AllTrails App, which I now use all the time to find good hiking spots. The trail itself is pretty flat and makes for an easy walk.

Where to Shop

An awesome carved bench in the Taos Town Square

The Taos Plaza is home to lots of shops and restaurants, including a a shop full of handmade textiles. I can’t remember the name right now, but the square is really small, so it’s easy to find!

The window display of a textile shop in the Plaza
They had beautiful indigo-dyed rugs and pillows

There’s also a really cool Japanese store called Wabi Sabi up the main road! I loved this place and bought a small vase, but I had my eye on some of their beautiful blue Japanese dishes.

Display of dishes in Wabi Sabi

Philip and I always say we’d rather travel somewhere we’ve never been, but we both agree that we would LOVE to go back to Taos. It has such a beautiful landscape and a really cool artistic community. There’s a great mix of active things to do like skiing and hiking, plus if you just want to relax, shop, and enjoy the breathtaking mountains, you can do that, too!

Have you ever been to Taos? What are your recommendations for us? Let me know in the comments!

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