Celebrating 3 Years Together

Our wedding day

Philip and I are celebrating our third wedding anniversary today! This year brought lots of exciting changes.

We bought our first home!

We are so excited to be homeowners! We’ve spent the past few months getting settled in our new little house, and although we still don’t have a couch, I am SO EXCITED to have an official art studio in one of the bedrooms. My desk gets great light from the big window, and I organized all my art supplies and shipping materials on the wall of Ikea shelves so everything is always handy when I need it. I arranged my collection of folk art on top of the shelves for inspiration and to add a little color. This room is my happy place and I love it so much!

We played lots of soccer!

Did you guys know Philip and I play on a soccer team together? We started a couple of years ago and we love being active together. Although Philip had not played soccer before (he played football in high school) he was nice enough to pick it up for my sake!

Photo: Big D Sports
Photo: Big D Sports

We took lots of trips!

We took a few smaller trips around the U.S., including a trip to Taos for our anniversary, but the highlight was definitely our trip to Iceland last August! It’s such a beautiful and otherworldly place. When we got back, I made the Reykjavík print inspired by the colorful buildings in the capital city. Whenever I miss it, I re-watch “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” and pretend I am there again!

Me in Reykjavík

Philip turned 30!

Some friends and I surprised Philip on his 30th birthday with a party, Philip-style (pizza and Super Smash Bros. on the Switch). I’m just proud of myself for successfully lying to him all week…he had no idea what we were planning!


I can’t believe how fast this year has flown by! What are some highlights from your year so far? Let me know in the comments!

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I am a graphic designer from Dallas who loves printmaking, travel, illustration, soccer, and psychology.

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