About Me
Alex Hughes in her studio

Hi, I’m Alex Hughes. I’m a graphic designer from Texas now living and working in Dallas. I love to read—especially books about psychology—draw, and snuggle my cat, Athena. Travel has always been a huge source of inspiration to me, and I strive to capture the essence of my travels through printmaking. 

In college I studied graphic design, and graduated from Texas Christian University with my BFA. During this time I was honored to have my work recognized in both regional and national design competitions. I was also incredibly lucky to do a lot of traveling while I was in school.


Sometimes I traveled with family, sometimes with friends, and sometimes I went alone. Every trip I took was a huge growing experience for me. I learned not only about the culture and the people I visited, but about myself. I learned that I could be brave when I needed to be. I learned to make friends with strangers. I learned to be self-sufficient and figure things out. Traveling is easily the most empowering thing I’ve ever done.

Today, when I design a new print, I remember how it felt to navigate the subway in Japanese, or to cautiously drive on the Autobahn in Germany, or the time when I got lost in Florence and befriended the owner of a paper shop. These are the experiences that made me who I am.


My hope is that my prints help others tell their own stories by reminding them significant moments in their own lives. A print can represent a honeymoon trip to Venice, a solo trip to France, a husband who is from Copenhagen, or a memory of home for a college-bound son or daughter. I think the places we visit hold powerful memories for us, and I make prints because it helps me hold onto some of those experiences. I love when a piece of mine connects with someone else in a similarly powerful way.

If you’d like to read more about Philip and me, The Dallas Morning News wrote an article about us! Click the link to check it out—especially if you are a fan of personality tests and the Myers Briggs. Also, check out our feature on Good Morning Texas and my interview on VoyageDallas!