Carving a Speedball block for printmaking
About Me

My name is Alex Hughes. I’m a graphic designer from Texas, and I love to travel and illustrate my experiences through printmaking. I also love to read, play soccer, talk psychology, and snuggle my cat, Athena.


When I was little, I loved art and dreamed of traveling to faraway places. I spent my days drawing, painting, and collecting objects from around the world. I especially liked collecting painted animals and dolls from different countries.

A collection of painted cats from Mexico
A collection of painted cats from Mexico

When it came time for college, I decided to study graphic design. I graduated from Texas Christian University with my BFA, where I was honored to have my work recognized in both regional and national design competitions.

I have a tendency get ideas at the most random times and grab whatever paper is nearby to write them down. I was notorious for turning in sketchbooks to my professors with receipts, napkins, and envelope flaps full of doodles and sketches.

I was also incredibly lucky to do a lot of traveling during college. In four years, I visited Guatemala, Mexico, Italy, and Japan. These trips inspired some of my first prints!

After I graduated, I moved to Dallas for a graphic design job, and that’s where I met my husband, Philip.

Sketches on scrap paper on my bulletin board
Sketches on scrap paper on my bulletin board
Starting a business

Wandering Paper Co. was born in my little downtown apartment soon after I moved to Dallas. I made my first prints while tripping over lawn furniture on my tiny patio.

I was looking for a passion project to improve myself as a designer, and chose traveling as a theme because it’s a subject I’ve always been excited about. I viewed it as an opportunity to not only improve my design skills, but to learn about different cultures and travel vicariously through my art.

Colorful Houses Block Print
Printing the Burano, Italy block print

Most days, you’ll find me sketching in our small apartment with my cat, Athena, curled at my feet. I still collect objects from around the world, and love to stay inspired by textiles and folk art gathered from our travels.

I feel lucky to be able to combine my love of travel with my love of design, and create work that helps people commemorate the places they’ve visited and the memories they made there.

Philip and Alex Hughes in Venice, Italy
Philip and me exploring Venice!

If you’d like to read more about Philip and me, The Dallas Morning News wrote an article about us! Click the link to check it out—especially if you are a fan of personality tests and the Myers Briggs.

Also, check out our feature on Good Morning Texas and my interview on VoyageDallas!

Alex Hughes of Wandering Paper Co.
Current City

Dallas, Texas

Favorite Place I've Traveled

Everywhere! I’ve learned so much from all of my trips. I might have to pick Japan, though. I’d love to go back someday.

Favorite Sport

Soccer! I played in high school.

Favorite Book

Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell

Coffee Shop Order

A latte and a croissant

Favorite Podcasts

For creative/business research and inspiration, I like Proof to Product, Tim Ferriss, and Creating Your Own Path. For fun, I like This American Life and Freakonomics.

Weirdest Injury

I broke my nose playing soccer in high school

If I chose a new career, I'd be a...

Therapist, architect/interior designer, or writer

Dream Travel Destination