Celebrating 3 Years Together

Philip and I are celebrating our third wedding anniversary today! This year brought lots of exciting changes. We bought our first home! We are so excited to be homeowners! We’ve spent the past few months getting settled in our new little house, and although we still don’t have a couch, I am SO EXCITED toContinue reading “Celebrating 3 Years Together”

What To Do in Taos, New Mexico

We traveled to Taos, New Mexico last year over Spring Break to celebrate our second anniversary. Neither of us are skiers, but we found plenty of other things to do. Read on for my recommendations! Where to Stay We stayed in the Adobe de Artista in El Prado, New Mexico. It is located a littleContinue reading “What To Do in Taos, New Mexico”

How to Optimize Your Site for SEO

While I was redesigning my website, I took the opportunity to do an SEO overhaul as well! I did lots of research and learned a lot in the process, so I thought I’d share what I learned here! Read on to learn some easy ways to optimize your site for SEO. Make a List ofContinue reading “How to Optimize Your Site for SEO”

What to Do in Salzburg in December

*Disclaimer: I traveled to Salzburg and wrote this post over a year ago, but I never shared it because I was in the process of redoing my website! So, here it is, over a year later, but it’s fun to relive the memories! I’m really excited to share some photos from my time in GermanyContinue reading “What to Do in Salzburg in December”