Notre Dame Print: A Tribute to Paris

notre dame sketch
An early sketch for the Notre Dame Paris print
I debated long and hard about whether to write this post. I've been working on a Notre Dame print for a few weeks now, but after such tragic events unfolded in Paris last week, it seemed like poor timing to release it. To me, Paris is a city of freedom and joie de vivre. I want this print to reflect the wonderful things about Paris, not the pain it is currently experiencing. 
I'm sure many of you have seen various artists' expressions of sympathy and support floating around social media. Jean Jullien, illustrator of the now-famous symbol shown below, describes his piece as a reaction, an expression of the emotions he felt at hearing the news of the Paris attacks.
Peace for Paris
Art is about expressing a sentiment when words aren't enough. So this piece is my expression of support, of sincerest sympathy and grief for the people of Paris, of Beirut, and of Baghdad who recently experienced violent attacks, and and for countless other places around the world where people are exposed to senseless acts of violence. I wish I had a print for each and every place.
Notre Dame Paris Print


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