Our Cut Paper Wedding!

I may be biased, but our wedding was awesome! We got married at White Rock Lake in Dallas, surrounded by the people we love on a sunny but slightly chilly day in March. It was a day filled with some of my favorite memories. 

Planning the wedding was also a fun creative project, all to celebrate the day I married my very best friend! I even made some block printed invitations for the occasion. Scroll down for photos of the best day ever.

 Alexandra George and Philip Hughes
Hello friends! You may have noticed that the blog has been quiet lately. Well, as I mentioned in my previous post, lots of exciting things have been happening, both personally and professionally. Can't wait to share more about that soon. But first and most important: I got married! 
The wedding was a fun creative challenge so I'm going to share a little bit about the design and planning process.
Alexandra George Cut Paper Wedding
The first step was to choose the venue: the Filter Building at White Rock Lake is a former water treatment plant that has since been converted into a venue for weddings and events. 
Alexandra George and Philip Hughes Wedding
The building has an industrial feel with red brick walls and a big open room for the reception, as well as a lawn and outdoor area with a view of the lake for the ceremony.
Tord Boontje Wedding Curtain
Inspired by the work of cut paper artist Tord Boontje, I chose a theme of intricate whites accented with shades of blue. The main attraction was a Tord Boontje curtain that served as the backdrop for the ceremony. 
Tord Boontje Wedding Curtain
Next, I designed our invitations to mimic the backdrop design and had them letter pressed to mimic the tactile quality of the cut paper. 
Cut Paper Letterpress Wedding Invitations
Cut Paper Wedding Invitations and Aquamarine Engagement Ring
Finally, the cake incorporated the cut paper theme as well, with a design made of punched flowers and leaves made of edible paper.
Cut Paper Wedding Cake

Alexandra George and Philip Hughes
The cut paper whites were accented by various shades of the blue in the form of bottles for the floral arrangements, bridesmaids dresses, pillows in the seating area, and wedding favors. 
blue glass bottles gloral arrangement
Blue Bridesmaid Bouquets
Origami Wedding Favors
Our wedding was captured by the exceptionally talented Joshua Aull. If you need a wedding photographer, he's your guy.
Alexandra George and Philip Hughes
Alexandra George and Philip Hughes
Anyway, the wedding was so much fun, and now we are married! I had such a great time designing everything that I wanted to share it. I even made a few linocut invitations just for fun. Who knows, maybe I'll design some wedding invitations to sell in the future!
Block Printed Wedding Invitations
Alexandra George and Philip Hughes

Our Vendors:

Day-Of Coordinator: Silver Lining Events

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  • What joy it brought me to once again revisit the day of your wedding and remember all the ways God blessed you and all the ones that shared in His goodness.
    It will always be a treasured memory. I am glad for your posting to make the memories come alive again. The blue sky and waters, the setting sun spotlighting the bride and groom all declared God’s glory. We are all richly blessed by God bringing you together . We love you and grateful for your lives that honor God.


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