Polish Vase of Flowers Block Print


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Inspired by Polish cut-paper folk art called wycinanki (vee-chee-non-kee), this print will brighten any space with cheerful color and signs of springtime.

Polish wycinanki originated with shepherds cutting designs out of bark or leather. It became popular as an art form in the mid-1800s. Styles of wycinanki vary by region; designs from the Kurpie region are typically all one color, while those from the Lowicz region include several colors. 

Original Linocuts are hand carved and hand-printed on Strathmore acid-free heavyweight paper.
Size: 4×6 in. artwork printed on 8×10 in. paper

Due to the handmade nature of this product, slight variations may occur.

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Dimensions 10 x 8 x .125 in