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Philip and Alex Hughes Small Business Goals

Creative Small Business Goals for 2017

Last week, I wrote a recap of my 2016 small business goals, so this week it’s time to focus on 2017. I can’t wait to share my goals with you, but before I do, I’d like to ask for your help! I’ve created a short branding survey to help guide my decision-making for Wandering this year.

If you are willing to fill it out, I would be most grateful! Thank you for giving a little bit of time to help make Wandering Paper Co. better. I couldn’t do this without you!

Craft show setup for greeting cards

2016 Creative Business Goals Update

Well, it’s a new year, and that means new goals! Yes, I realize it’s a little late to write a “New Year’s” post, buuut one of my goals this year is to “get more rest” so you could say I’ve gotten a jump on that one.

Anyway, before I write about my goals for this year, I want to go back and revisit my 2016 goals. Here is a quick summary of last year’s goals, and ways I’ve addressed them:

Dallas Skyline Block Print

Creative Business Lessons Learned in My First Year

As Wandering Paper Co. nears its first birthday, I’ve been doing lots of reflecting on the past year. When I launched in November 2015, I went against my nature and just dove in. The last twelve months have been SUCH a crazy fly-by-the-seat of your pants whirlwind, and I’ve learned so much by just starting and figuring things out as I went.

Here are a few thoughts and lessons I’ve learned this year.
Valentine Ombré Hearts Block Printed Greeting Card

Small Business Goals Update: Selling Handmade Greeting Cards

Sometimes in business, you have to make tough choices about cost vs. benefit. For example, greeting cards were one of my best sellers during the holidays, but I actually made very little profit on them.
So, in my post titled Small Business Goals for 2016, I resolved to find a more cost-effective way to make cards that still retained their handmade look. Well, after a little trial and error, I’ve found a solution.
Global Block Prints by Wandering Paper Co.

Small Business Goals for 2016

As the new year has begun, I’ve spent some time thinking about my vision for Wandering Paper Co. In my first blog post, I decided that after spending too much time overanalyzing, the best way to start this business was to just dive right in.

Well, I jumped in the deep end and am slowly learning to swim. Now that I’ve gotten started, it’s time to start asking tough questions about what’s worked and what hasn’t, what’s cost effective and what isn’t, and, since this is a side project, I have the luxury of asking myself what gives me joy and what doesn’t.