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Our wedding day

Celebrating 3 Years Together

Philip and I are celebrating our third wedding anniversary today! This year brought lots of exciting changes. We bought our first home! We are so excited to be homeowners! We've spent the past few months getting settled in our new little house, and although we still don't have a couch, I am SO EXCITED to have an official art studio in one of the bedrooms. My desk gets great light from the big window, and I organized all my art supplies and shipping materials on the wall of Ikea shelves so everything...

Philip and Alex Hughes

Our Cut Paper Wedding Inspired by Tord Boontje

I may be biased, but our wedding was awesome! We got married at White Rock Lake in Dallas, surrounded by the people we love on a sunny but slightly chilly day in March. It was a day filled with some of my favorite memories.

Planning the wedding was also a fun creative project, all to celebrate the day I married my very best friend! I even made some block printed invitations for the occasion. Keep reading for photos of the best day ever.